Home Blog The Earthquake and the Re-birth of Artisans Helped Preserving Art

The artisans were also among the people who were severely affected by this natural calamity. Many of them had to leave their native places to sustain the living of their family. The destruction had forced the artisans to live in the outskirts of the village. Each dawn had its own problems to make the people struggle for their living even more.


This earthquake resulted in the downfall of the handicraft market. The artisans lost their homes, resources, businesses, people, and human capital. The re-establishment led to several turns in their lives. Taking handicrafts further as the source of their living looked impossible. The lost hopes pushed those valuable tools into coffers.


Some non-profit organizations came into existence to empower these craftsmen and get the best out of them for their work. The organizations provided them with resources and capital to start their work from the beginning. A new era was started where the artisans were reborn with their old skills and expertise. The hard work and patience had resulted in glory and fame. It took a decade to come back in the market against the high demand for machinery textile.


Megastores is trying to contribute to this evolution and offer craftsmen a global network to sell their products. We are promoting their struggle and hard work story to find living on our platform. The great opportunity for artisans is waiting on their way where the artisans will get what they deserve for their dedication.


The mesmerizing handicraft pieces designed to date have won international recognition. The artisans have been awarded several national awards. Also, the organizations have contributed a large part to the success. Hence, the craftsmen have received what they deserved. 

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