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Can I save what I like without buying?

Yes, you can save the products you like in your favorites list instead of buying them at the same time.

Do you provide any warranty and guarantee on products?

Yes, we provide warranty or guarantee on the products according to their categories.

Is there any cancellation policy?

Yes, you can request for cancellation till the time the payment is not made.

How many options are available to make payment?

You can make the payment via online modes of payment including Credit/Debit cards, Net banking, Wallets, UPI transfer

How do I request for a return?

There is a tab available to place a return request for every product.

How long does it take to deliver any product?

The product gets delivered as soon as it is ready to ship. It will take 3-5 working days.

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  • Payments
  • Delivery
  • How do I sign in?

    1. Download the app from the play store.
    2. Install the app.
    3. Click on sign in.
    4. Enter your details in the form.
    5. Click on Submit.
    6. Log in to your account.

  • How do reviews work?

    When the order has been delivered successfully. You can enter your reviews in the comment section about the product and the services.

  • Can I register only one buyer account?

    You can register for multiple accounts at a condition with unique login credentials i.e the email address and the phone number used at the time of registration needs to be different every time.

  • Can I go and pick my order on my own?

    No, you can not pick up your product on your own. Our delivery executive will come to deliver your product.

  • Do I need to pay anything at the time of return?

    No, all the charges are included in the payment that was made by you at the time of placing the order.

  • What if I forgot my password?

    When you have forgotten your password, follow the following steps to change your password

    1. Click on Forgot Password.
    2. Enter Username or Email or Phone & click submit.
    3. Enter the OTP & click on submit
    4. Enter your new password.
    5. Click on update.
  • How do I change my password?

    You can change your password from your account at the time you wish to make the changes.

    1. Go to profile.
    2. Click on lock icon on the left side of the screen.
    3. Enter your old password.
    4. Enter the new password.
    5. Confirm your new password.
  • How do I delete my account?

    You cannot delete your account. Although, you can send a request through user support to delete your account. Alternatively, you can directly uninstall the app.

  • Do I get an invoice for all deliveries?

    Yes, you will get an invoice for all the deliveries in your mailbox.

  • What are the payment options available for Megastores?

    You can make the payment through online mode like using your credit card, debit card, wallets or UPI transfer.

  • What charges does my payment include?

    Your payment includes the charges of your product, shipping charges, and applicable taxes.

  • Do I need to pay anything at the time of return?

    We do not provide return or refund services right now. But in the worst case if it would be necessary to return the product then you don’t need to pay anything.

  • In how many days will I get my refund?

    When the product will reach the Megastores office and then will be checked for the issue. After the complete processing, the refund will be generated and will be credit in your account within 7-10 working days.

  • What are the options to make the payment?

    There is the option to make the payment by online transfer. You can use different wallets available, credit card, debit card.

  • Is COD available?

    We do not provide COD right now.

  • What if I am not available at the time of delivery?

    If at the time of delivery you are not available to receive the order then, our delivery person will make 3 attempts to contact you on the available details. If you did not answer then the product will return to Megastores office.

  • What should I do if my order hasn’t been delivered yet?
    1. Click on My Order.
    2. Open the order details.
    3. Click on the chat icon on the left-hand side.
    4. Enter your query and send it.
    5. Our customer support team will get back to you.
  • Who takes care of shipping?

    Megastores is responsible for all the shipping related process.

  • How do returns and refunds work?

    Megastores do not provide the services of returns and refunds for any merchant yet.

  • When will my order arrive?

    The order will arrive within the time span mentioned at the time of confirming your order. The time required to deliver a product is about 2-5 days.

  • When will my order get shipped?

    As soon as it is packed by the merchant and ready to dispatch, we will dispatch it to your address.

  • What if the merchant rejects my order?

    If merchant rejects your order then you will receive a notification in your notification box for the same.

  • What if my current address and delivery address are different?

    You can place the order for a different address than your current location. The application consists of two different fields one is the delivery address and the other is the billing address. You can add two different address there.

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