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Megastore is an online marketplace, a platform where the customers can search from a plethora of available options. We specialize in authentic handicraft products where artisans and producers can sell directly to customers. Megastores have come up with some incredible initiative to step into the leading e-commerce market. Being customer-centric we have developed a platform for encouraging and empowering our producers and customers. It has provided the customers with a feature where they can shop directly from the craftsmen.


Craft is not a luxury, but a necessity for the human spirit, enriching our lives and bringing us closer to the things that truly matter.

~Kailash Gajara


Augmented Reality Support
Online Payment
Authentic Craft Products
24/7 Customer Support
Quality Management Assurance

Who Are We provides a unique opportunity for artisans to sell their amazing handmade products worldwide. Helps them create their brand and avail a fair price for the products.

The Handloom sector is the 2nd largest employer after agriculture. Handicrafts remind us about our culture and heritage. It is important to save crafts from getting extinct to keep our cultural legacy intact. Megastores' team visits artisans from rural areas. The team onboards artisans on the marketplace, provides training, helps with product photography, and also promotes them on social media. A complete hand-holding approach is used to ease the entire process for artisans.

Megastores’ aims at bringing together all the stakeholders from the craft sector on one single platform so that it can lead to the collective development of the community as a whole. Every purchase on Megastores assures the conservation of craft. We ensure high quality beautiful handmade products offer customers a delight and in turn, help artisans in their journey toward being successful craft entrepreneurs.

Comprehensive E-commerce Services

Social Network for Artisans & Brands

  • Specially crafted focused network for Artisans & Brands
  • Single Platform for all the Stakeholders from the Craft sector
  • Fostering Community Conversations
  • Promoting inter craft trades

Video Commerce

  • Live video streaming at a convenience
  • Assuring product authenticity
  • Better customer engagement with conversions
  • Stronger brand building with customer retention

Training for Artisans & Brands

  • Basics of Digital Marketing
  • Use of digital tools, seller dashboard, and apps
  • Product pricing, demand, and sales
  • Product photography and design development

Digital Branding

  • Branding along with social media promotions
  • Dedicated web page with Artisan name/ brand URL
  • Includes Artisan/ Brand products, stories, videos, and craft documentation
  • Photo Editing and Content writing - Product Title, Description, and specifications

Online & Offline Exhibitions

  • The Phygital model facilitates both online & offline exhibitions
  • Online Payment gateways along with POS result in smooth transactions
  • Direct interaction with Customers helps build Trust
  • Enhances Artisan’s marketing skills

Craft forms the heart and soul of our Home, infusing it with warmth, character, and a unique sense of belonging.

~Kailash Gajara

Megastores Guiding Stars

Our Team

We, the team of developers, Designers, Marketers, and problem solvers aim to redefine e-commerce such that it becomes a positively self-driven social marketplace for artisans and brands. We are seeking to enable artisans to turn their craft work into business and bring all the stakeholders from the Handmade community together through e-commerce.

Discover jobs


Shivji Buda Fotindi | The Boat Model Maker - Mandvi

Shivji Buda Fotindi – A Scion of Yester Years' Kutchi Seafarers. He is more than a captain, and perhaps one among few in the country, who has excelled in the art of boat model making. Fotindi's career began at the age of 12, when he was recruited in a ship sailing for Muscat and Africa. He has crafted more than one thousand models of varying sizes ranging from a palm sized fishing trawler to dinghy sized 10 – footers. His boats are displayed and bought all over, from the United States to Japan and from Indian naval establishment to Hotel Marina Plaza in Mumbai. Today he is busy training his two teenaged grandchildren Jigar and Chetan to keep alive the craft of boat making.

Vadha Jenti Vekya | Wooden Lacquer Work - Nirona

Lac, a material taken from insect resin, has been used in Indian craft for centuries. Coloured lacquer is applied to wood by heat through turning with a hand lathe. In the process, the artisan maneuvers the lacquered colors to create patterns by hand in kaleidoscopic designs. This form of lacquered patterning is found only in Kachchh.

Vankar Vishram Valji Bapa | Weaving Art - Bhujodis

Master Craftsman vankar shamji vishram oversees a multigenerational weaving and dyeing business in Kutch. A simple shawl that involves only weaving can take about two days to create and at least 5-6 shawls of the same model will be weaved each time, making a minimum weaving stint last for at least 10 to 12 days. Shawls with intricate designs can take months on end. It was one such magnificently patterned Dhablo or shawl that Vishram Valji, Ramji's father worked on for an entire year that won him the President's award in 1974. It is the Ahir dhablo that was the design inspiration behind Vishram Valji's award winning piece.

Abdul Gaffur Khatri | Rogan Art - Nirona

The traditional rogan art by National Award Winner (1997) Shri Amdulgafur D. Khatri is unique art from village Nirona. Traditional rogan art is a style of fabric painting which is inspired from Persian art. The rogan painting craft has more than 400 years of its history. Hand pounded castor oil is turned into a paste by boiling it. Later color powder diluted in water is mixed with the castor oil pastes to create 3D like texture. Generally geometrical motifs are preferred and some time floral motifs are also adopted. Master craft artisan Abdul gafur khatri national award winner craftsmen and his family of nirona are only people left to practice this well known and vintage art form in the Kutch.

Anchal Bijlani | Leather Art - Sumrasar

Anchal P. Bijlani from Sumrasar is leather art and handicrafts expert. He makes products like Purse, Belt, Mojdi, Bakal Champal, Bag, Mobile Cover and all types of leather art work.

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