Home Blog Evolution of E-commerce- Technology Driving Online Sales

The online buying and selling of products are termed e-commerce or online retail. It has changed the whole perspective towards the shopping experience. The origination of e-commerce portals turned the hectic process of shopping upside down. From choosing from a plethora of options to bringing different brands to your fingertip, e-commerce has made it an easy process.


With the emerging online business, technology has led to several turns. The different online portals are offering several different features, and e-commerce has spread its roots to the global platform. With the advancement of technology, we can experience several unexpected things going around.


Technological advancements have brought online selling to a different extent for the customers. From going to physical stores to buying from your mobile phones. From seeing ads on billboards to getting pop-ups in your notification, things have changed. The research has come up with the possibility of the development of smart devices in the future. The estimations report that the coming era will bring everything on a digital platform with making things available a click away from us. Technology has more miracles waiting in your way.


Megastores is an example of such a transformation. The Augmented reality feature offers you to get a 3-dimensional view of the products. With its new and exciting features, megastores have opened doors to the virtual world for buyers.

With the digital platform, the market has become cashless where all the transactions are made through online money transfer applications offering safe and secure services to the consumers. The pace of advancement in technology ensures us about the development of the devices where consumers will be able to place an order for any product through ads on their smart TVs, digital watches, or smart devices sitting at any corner of the world.

Megastores is an online marketplace that brings authentic handicraft products directly available to buy from the producers.