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After, attending Mahalaxmi Saras exhibition last week it was time for Megastores to gear up for Kala Ghoda Art Festival 2019 #TKAGAF20. Well if one is from Mumbai and related to art, Kala Ghoda won’t require any introduction. Its one of the most celebrated cultural event in Mumbai organized by Kala Ghoda Association from February 2nd to February 10th, 2019 which was founded on 30th October 1998. The main purpose of the event is to preserve the heritage and art of Mumbai. This year Kala Ghoda Association is celebrating 20 years of being established and also the 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

Reaching CST station by train- Mumbai’s lifeline the most convenient option as you may find parking issue there. Moving forward you may catch a bus or even share a taxi to reach Kala Ghoda. Reaching there at the entrance it is natural to find a long queue prominently of teenagers. College goers with DSLR and fashionable clothing aren’t a surprise to be present there. At the entrance, one can see a huge statue of Black Horse by which this fest gets its name. Stalls are mainly allotted to Various NGO’s and government-sponsored organizations along with genuine artisans and some designers. If you are looking for authentic handicraft it is surely the place to visit. You may find crafts encompassing various states from categories ranging from home décor, Clothing, footwear, jewelry, kitchenware, and so on. The diversity of our Indian culture in the form of art and crafts can be witnessed. The event is categorized into different sections as children, cinema, dance, food, heritage walks, literature, music, stalls, standup comedy street theatre urban design & architecture, visual arts, and workshops. The entire schedule can be found here on the Kala Ghoda Association official website.

Interaction with Artisans, merchants, and NGOs was quite fruitful, they loved Megastores initiative of promoting art and craft globally thereby helping artisans get the due recognition of what they deserve. Kala Ghoda Art Festival is a must-visit event to witness the true amalgamation of art and crafts with fashion.

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