Home Blog Top 3 Amazing Handicrafts from Kutch: Must Buy for Ethnic Wall decor.

India is one of the largest handicraft producers in the world. With a diverse culture, every region has its unique authentic way of making these amazing handicrafts. Kutch district in Gujarat is one such blessed with such immense cultural heritage and it is said “Kutch Nahi Dekha Toh Kuch Nahi Dekha”.

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We have sorted out the top 3 amazing wall decor traditional handicrafts from Kutch that are a must-have to be part of our Indian home decor.

1. Kutch Mud work paintings:

Traditionally known as Lippan Kaam, Mud work was performed directly on the walls. With time some of the well-known artisans from Kutch Rashid Khan, MajiKhan Mutva brought this art form on the wooden MDF boards in the form of wall decor. Clay is used to making designs and then embellished with mirrors rendering these paintings a gorgeous ethnic look. These artisans also directly work with interior designers and make mud work designs directly on walls as per the requirements.

Kutch mud work wall hanging

Kutch Mud work paintings

2. Kutch Copper Bells:

In ancient times these bells were tied to the cattle mainly cows that would lead their herd. This would help identify the cows and also keep the herd together. These days kutch copper bells are designed to be used as wall decor too. For making copper bells, the first metal is hammered to shape it into a bell, which is then dipped into the solution of clay & water. The wet bells are then covered with a mixture of powdered brass & copper. It is then baked after wrapping with clay & cotton. After peeling up the cotton each bell is again polished. A ringer made of wood is attached inside the bell, to make it produce a melodious sound. Wall Hangings and chimes are mainly the products being made these days.

Kutch copper bells wall hanging

Kutch Copper Bells

3. Kutch Embroidery Wall Hangings:

Kutch is well known for its varied embroidery work locally known as “Bharat Kaam”. Embroidery is mainly done on cotton and silk fabric using bright colored threads and embellished with mirrors known as “Abhla”. Ideally, embroidery is practiced by women in kutch. Craftswomen assist their weaving families by performing embroidery work on shawls, dupattas, skirts, and sarees increasing their market value. Embroidery in the form of wall hangings is quite famous. These look very ethnic and are a must-buy to be part of our home decor.

Kutch hand embroider wall hanging

 Kutch Embroidery Wall Hangings

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