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Winter is knocking on the door. It's time to get cozy with family and friends. Traditional Indian shawls and stoles are perfect clothing to keep one warm this winter. India is well known for its Kutchi shawls from Gujarat, Pashmina shawls from Kashmir, Kullu stoles from Himachal Pradesh, and many such Indian handlooms. The traditional handwoven stoles and dupattas look very elegant are must have to be part of the handloom collection. Here on Megastores, one can explore the vast collection of these winter wear wraps crafted out of organic cotton and wool sold directly by the artisans.

1. Cotton Stoles, Shawls and Dupattas:

Traditionally handcrafted 100% organic cotton stoles from Kutch, Gujarat handcrafted with precision and technique on the traditional loom are embellished with embroidered motifs along with plain tassels. Available in varied sizes as dupattas and shawls these are warm to feel and can be easily styled with a variety of Indian outfits. Organic kala cotton from Kutch is also the talk of the town these days.

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2. Woolen Stoles, Shawls, and Dupattas:

Here in Kutch wool from sheep and camel known as desi wool is primarily used to craft woolen stoles and shawls. Kutch is well known for its traditional Dhabla shawls. Stoles from Kullu, Himachal Pradesh are quite the favorite of the tourists. Though with traditional designs these stoles look very elegant and can be easily styled with a variety of Indian outfits. This winter style with purpose and make a style statement by wrapping around these handloom masterpieces from India.

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