Home Blog 5 Best Unique Indian Home Decor Rendering Ethnic Vibes

Home Decor has been part and parcel of Indian culture and heritage. The use of natural and sustainable materials for crafting design marvels has been the prime feature of ethnic Indian home decor. Naturally available cotton, wool, stones, flowers, metals, and clay are the raw materials still being used to make these handicrafts.

The way we decorate our home reflects the nature of the entire family in total. The light of the lamp and the colors of rangoli say it all during Diwali rendering ethnic vibes. From living room decor to bedroom decor, from kitchen decor to temple decor one can find thousands of Indian handicrafts. Sometimes this can leave one confused. So here in this blog, we have handpicked the top 5 unique Indian home decor products listed on to diminish this confusion.

1. Dhokra art idols:

Dhokra is a unique Indian metal cast tribal art form that uses the ancient lost-wax casting technique which has been used for more than 4,000 years in India. With its origin in Bengal, Odisha, and Madhya Pradesh now it is practiced in Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand as well. The dhokra art home decor items mainly include religious and tribal idols made from brass,

2. Marapachi Bomai Wooden dolls:

Marapachi Bomai wooden dolls are unique traditional Indian handicrafts made by local artisans from Cuddapah, Andhra Pradesh. Though traditionally these are used as toys for kids, these can also be used as a piece of home decor. Marapachi Bomai (Wooden dolls) are an important part of South Indian culture and rituals. These also known as Raja Rani dolls are displayed during the Golu festival which is a part of Navratri celebrations. Traditionally, these wooden dolls are also gifted to newly married couples. Religious idols of Ram, Krishna, and Balaji are also quite common.

3. Aranmula Kannadi/ Metal Mirrors:

Aranmula Kannadi is a unique handmade metal-alloy mirror made in Aranmula in Kerala, India. And Kannadi here means mirror. It is considered an auspicious object kept in a household for bringing prosperity, luck, and wealth. On Vishu, Malayalis begin their day with a glimpse of their own reflection in this Aranmula kannadi. This is the best handicraft suited for the temple decor. Also, this can be part of your dressing table decor.

4. Candle, Tealight, and Incense stick Holders: 

These days one can find several cheap tealight holders in the market. Here at Megastores, we bring you unique, traditional, and premium candle, tealight, and incense stick holders that are a must-buy to be part of your ethnic home decor. Candle and tealight holders help add aura and fragrance to your existing decor. These primarily are used to enhance the mood and add that missing smile to your loved one. These can surely be the best gifting option to give to your family and friends on any occasion. You can explore the amazing collection of traditional tealight holders crafted out of Gaurara and Palewa soapstone along with copper enameled and terracotta ones.

5. Gond Art Painting:

Gond Art is a unique tribal folk art of painting practiced by Gond tribes from Madhya Pradesh, India showcasing nature in the form of plants, animals, birds, culture, and festivals. These days Gond art is also practiced in Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Maharashtra, and Chhatisgarh. Paintings are done on handmade paper, and canvas using bright colors like red, blue, green, and yellow that are obtained from soil, flowers, leaves, charcoal, and cow dung. Pictures of trees, peacocks, elephants, cows, fish, and deer are quite common in Gond art paintings. Here on Megastores, we have a collection of handpicked amazing Gond art paintings on sale directly by the local craftswomen. Gond art painting form is the prime choice of designers working on ethnic decor.

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