Home Blog Megastores Social is Live now with Unique personalised Content from Artisans and Brands

Team Megastores is excited to announce the launch of Megastores Social - a new platform dedicated to providing our handicraft and handloom loving customers with original and exclusive content in the form of images and videos across home decor, kitchen, and fashion categories. Megastores social shall not only serve as a one-stop destination for artisans and brands to share their latest artisanal content but will also serve as a facilitator in bringing together local voices forming a craft community and taking the local craft to a global platform.

The handmade industry has been growing in popularity over the past few years, but it still faces some challenges. Three major challenges in the industry from the artisan's perspective seem to be 1) Accessibility to the customers, 2) minimal know-how of the latest trends, and 3) lack of trust from the customers. Megastores social aims to build trust by providing customers access to the latest content in the form of product photos, videos, artisan stories, craft documentation, awards, achievements,  & craft videos. Also, artisans and SHGs would have access to inspirational content from brands which would help them keep updated to the latest market trends.

By delivering fresh, relevant, and authentic content every time when customers open their feeds, we aim to elevate their shopping experience to delight. The social content would help young Indians engage more with the handmade industry and further help sustain and propagate our traditional crafts and culture. With more than 10000 products distributed across more than 50 crafts, we want to offer customers well-organised authentic content that will further strengthen our relationships with artisans and brands.

We shall also keep content pouring into the platform to maintain it as diverse and relatable to the customers by bringing in more products and features. Here customers can also follow, share, and comment on their favourite products, artisans, and brands which will help develop and flourish an art and craft community that shall be self-reliant and independent. With the help of their profile, uploading images and videos of their creations, offers, events, and sharing the link of their work on other platforms, Megastores social as a tool will help artisans and brands reach a larger audience. 

Further, customers will also be able to connect and interact with craft experts and influencers, discover new and upcoming craft trends, and join virtual workshops, live product demonstrations, and more. Megastores Social will also enable customers to shop directly from the platform and have the handicrafts delivered to their doorstep.

With the use of technology, we aim at weighing down the challenges in the handmade industry and bringing handicraft and handloom closer to our customers. Enabling more conversations and engagements platform ensures bringing down grievances at both seller's and customer's end. We are sure that the platform would play a vital role in our purpose of supporting handmade. We further look forward to your participation by signing up and exploring the social platform.

Megastores is an online marketplace that brings authentic handicraft products directly available to buy from the producers.