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In a world where industrialization has existed for quite a few centuries now, there still exists a small yet extremely hardworking and persistent industry of talented craftsmen keeping the soul of our glorious culture and heritage alive. This is the Handmade sector that sustains itself by selling the craft that has been inherited and mastered over generations. But the question always arises whether Handicrafts are More Durable than Machine Products.

People are starting to realize the value of handmade products and there is a breakthrough shift in preferences. But a major concern that arises in everyone’s mind while buying handmade products that is Handicrafts is their quality and durability. Now it’s high time that we break this huge misconception. Quality and durability are the paramount perks of using them. They are made to the highest quality because the maker understands the value of each piece, in contrast to machines. Machine products may include a defective batch of products, but a skilled, experienced, and talented craftsman would never compromise on perfection.

The materials or ingredients used in the production are also of the highest quality. Many artisans use hand-picked items to ensure that they deliver the premium class of product. They will therefore select the most resilient bamboo, the most exquisite piece of finished walnut, and the organic cotton. The raw materials will next be sculpted, formed, carved, painted, or whatever else is necessary to create a high-quality durable work of art. Also, many crafts are passed on from generation to generation, so they are the result of the extreme emphasis on quality and they are built to last. Naturally sourced fibers of cotton, silk, and wool are used for handloom products. Natural colors obtained from plants and minerals are used for dyeing and decorating handicrafts.

Mass-produced items i.e. machine-made products have the tendency to maximize profits and quantity and thus ignore the quality of the item, whereas, a lot of emphasis is given to quality when it comes to handmade products. Craftsmen don't use low-quality materials or shortcuts as machine-made textiles do. They imply “patience” and are not rushed which guarantees that the product you are buying is made with extreme care and precision, the flagship feature of handicrafts making them a high-quality durable product.

It might be seen that handicrafts are expensive, but they are never overpriced. This is because of the craftsmanship, dedication, and time put into producing a product of high quality aesthetic and anatomical, as well as long-lasting. If an extra penny buys you an item that is unique, premium-quality, and lasts for years, it’s worth it in the end.

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