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We live in a world where many things are mass-produced. But there still exists a community that survived the strong winds of industrialization. It’s the handmade community, that has strongly held on to its roots and made sure of its existence through the creation and sale of exquisite handmade items. The crafts sector is the second largest employment sector in India and is also regarded as the backbone of India’s rural economy. Thus, as responsible citizens of the country, it is our responsibility to support, contribute, and protect this craft community from contracting.

“Art and love are the same: It’s the process of seeing yourself in things that are not you.” – Chuck Klosterman

Handmade products have always paved the way for artisans, one that embraces human potential and gives individuals a voice they might not otherwise have. By becoming a part of the handmade community, you are supporting and sustaining that human voice. An entire country can be given a new life if you start getting involved with these communities. In fact, this would even inculcate a sense of love, respect, and pride in you for the culture and art that has been carried on for generations by our talented craftsmen. And what better flex than being a part of such a beautiful art community? Let’s have a look at 5 easy ways to contribute and be part of the Handmade community.

1. Buy Handmade - Your own self is also reflected in the things you purchase that were manufactured by someone else. An object that has been handcrafted as an expression of the creative spirit of the individual who made it is appreciated and valued far beyond an item that was created for global mass consumption. There are several perks of buying handmade items which primarily include originality, premium quality, and creativity. A handmade piece can never be duplicated. This implies that each handmade product you buy is also unique. They are sustainable and eco-friendly too with commendable durability. 

2. Share and Gift Handmade - Handmade items can be exceptional presents for your friends and family. In addition to promoting the work of handmade artists and crafters, gifting handmade items would also strengthen your bond with your loved ones as it reflects immense thoughtfulness. May it be any occasion a birthday, anniversary, wedding, Diwali, Holi, or Janmashtami there is definitely a specific handicraft available that one can surely gift.  The recipient could easily realize the time and effort put into choosing the gift. It adds a personal touch that can bring warmth into the relationships and you can even get them customized with their favorite color, pattern, art, or engraving. Also, when you give someone handmade items, you are cheering up the receiver and the artisan. You boost their confidence and skyrocket their zeal of continuing to pursue the craft. Explore Megastores if you are looking for a unique handicraft gift at a fair price.

3. Promote Handmade on Social media - The rapid growth of social media and networking sites can be a game changer in the promotion of handicrafts. Following and engaging with handmade artists and crafters on social media helps to support them by increasing their visibility and reach. When millions of people watch it, the artists get encouraged to hone their skills and improvise them. A good reach can also make people aware of the craft and culture of the country. The stories behind a handmade product and the process of its creation can attract many art enthusiasts. Doing so also depicts your responsible nature and could gain you a higher social status. Therefore, we should be eager to promote handmade products by following, sharing, and posting about them via social media because a little effort from our side can boost an artist’s career!

4. Leave reviews: If you purchase handmade items from marketplaces like Megastores, consider leaving a review on the seller's account or social media page. This helps to build credibility and attracts potential new customers. This also assures other customers and even promotes the sale of that product. Artisans value the customer’s feedback and take it very seriously. So, if you aren’t satisfied with the product, they genuinely try to fix the issue and ensure that it doesn’t happen in the future.

5. Join Megastores Social: If you are a Craft lover? or Looking for Authentic Handmade products? Or You are an Artisan or Brand working with Handmade products! Discover your favorite craft products and explore the many possibilities available to Artisans and Brands here. It is one of the growing Handmade/ Art communities in India. You can also join on WhatsApp - Handmade Community.

All in all, every person is gifted with a certain skill so it is important for us to encourage and appreciate the skills of people who are around us. Each country or region has its own unique way of creating art, depending on the culture, beliefs, and materials available. Skills and craftsmanship are not just about making a simple product, it is about creating a story behind every item. As a community, we can help to share our thoughts on traditional craftsmanship and the beautiful cultures that come along and support them via social media or with family and friends. This way, we are supporting the art community of local artisans around the world who are pursuing their passion and helping others to appreciate their skills. 

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