Home Blog The Talented Craftsmen and the De-valued Handicrafts

Handicraft, an amalgamation of the words hand and craft defines the work of the craftsmen well. India is rich with the variety of talent it exhibits for the world to see. The talent blends in the air itself making the Indian culture even more colorful. The craftsmen, also known as artisans are the key to these mesmerizing artworks.


With a more than 5000 years old history, the artwork contains the essence of Indian culture. The art form that traveled through different parts of the world and through different generations is still practiced by lots of craftsmen in India for decades. The artisans use different tools to craft those beautiful designs on the piece of fabric or wood or any other material. Their hand does magic on the materials used with making every single part of it even more beautiful.


Art is not a handicraft, it is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced - Leo Tolstoy

But, the emerging development of machines pulled down the value of handcrafted products. The process is fast and makes replicas as easily as anything else. Machine production can feed the needs of a large mass of people comparatively. The market demand for handicrafts reduced with the passing time and those tiny tools were replaced by the big machines. The artisans lost their living and a large mass from them left the traditional work they had expertise in. They started indulging in laborious works to earn a living.


The wheel of time broke the morale of many people, while many strengthened their intentions. They worked to keep their traditional artwork alive in this machinery world. The different organizations helped them achieve their aim and fame. With the aim to preserve the traditional art forms and maintain their authenticity and realness, the organizations helped the artisans acquire what they were struggling for decades. The handicrafts gained their value by getting considered under the luxurious showpieces, limited production being one of the reasons.


The artisans developed different ways to promote their talent on national and international platforms. Hence, the same thing that was once neglected by the people is now appreciated with awards. The hard work and patience these people carry have brought them miles away from where they had started.


Megastores is also an emerging platform that has come up with the aim to support the artisans from different parts of the country and promote the art on a global platform to preserve the endangered art forms. Megastores, being customer-centric make the artisan get what they deserve for their hard work.

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