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Megastores at Inspreneur 3.0 - Business and Innovation Summit, Singapore

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Exhibiting at Singapore as one of the technologies driven startups with a social impact.

Our Crafts are Losing grip. Time to become Responsible

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Traditional objects, which are deeply ingrained in local history, are more than just wonderful mementos; they are tiny periscopes into the geography and culture of a place.

Discover Healthy Products In India I Sustainable Handicrafts and Handloom

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Growing demand for healthy, eco-friendly, and sustainable products, particularly in the handicrafts and handloom industry in India

Handmade Gifts in India I Elevate Your Festive Celebrations with Personalized Craftsmanship

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Festivals, at the core of our rich heritage, offer a chance to express gratitude and share happiness through the purchase and gifting of exquisite handmade gifts in India.

Embracing Heritage: The Timeless Elegance of Traditional Handmade Fashion

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Discover the charm of handmade fashion, blending tradition and style for weddings and festivities – a sustainable choice that celebrates culture with every thread.