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Abdul Gafur Khatri

Abdul Gafur Khatri

Brand: The Traditional Rogan Art

Company: The Traditional Rogan Art

Locality: Nirona, Kutch


Rogan Art

Rogan art form is a vintage art having a great history of over more than 300 years ago. It is being practiced in a small village of kutch named Nirona. It is a traditional style of fabric painting inspired by a Persian art form using a paste turned from boiling the castor oil. The castor oil is heated continuously for 5-6 hours at a constant temperature. It converts into a gooey substance after cooling which is called Rogan. The gooey substance is then mixed with vegetable dyes which are used to create artwork on the cloth.

It takes a lot of patience and time to paint a single design on the cloth. The Rogan painted cloth is used for making pillow covers, table cloth, wall hangings, sarees, file folders, stoles, dress materials, and other decorative pieces. The artisan uses the gooey substance by taking it on the point of the metal stick or the pen to craft the design on the fabric.

Gafur crafted a beautiful design on the cloth and then fold the cloth in half which created its replica when opened. It was an amazing thing one will get to see as it looks like the cloth has been embroidered with some machine work. The people work for weeks or months to complete a single cloth successfully with all the details.

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