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Anchal Bijlani

Anchal Bijlani

Brand: Anchal Bijlani

Company: Anchal Bijlani

Locality: Sumrasar, Kutch


Leather Art

The shoemakers use a stone slab on which they used to work commonly known as Rohi, named after the name of Saint Rohidas. Before starting their work they worship the slab. The artisans use raapi and hammer for cutting and carving the leather. Then, the piece is decorated with embroidery and mirror work.

The leather is carved into the shape and then chiseled properly and is given a polished surface. The different parts are then stitched together and the final product is then colored and decored using different methods.

Anchal Bijlani 1
Anchal Bijlani 2
Anchal Bijlani 3
Anchal Bijlani 4
Anchal Bijlani 5
Anchal Bijlani 6
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