Bhimji Khoyla

Bhimji Khoyla

Brand: Leder Handcrafted

Company: Leder Handcrafted

Locality: Banni, Kutch, India

Leather Handcrafted

Leatherwork has been in the history of India for a long time. Leather was used to make clothes, footwear, caps, bags, saddles, armor, and many more with different parts having their own techniques and processes. Nowadays, the leather industry has grown to a different extent where it has stepped out of the local market to reach to a wider audience.

The changing era has brought changes in the way a product is formed along with targeting an even bigger market. The industry has increased to items like shoes, jackets, lampshades, pouches, bags, belts, wallets, stuffed toys etc made from leather according to the change in fashion. These products are even exported from India to different parts of the world.

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