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Jeevan Jyoti Cluster

Jeevan Jyoti Cluster

Brand: Jeevan Jyoti Cluster

Company: Jeevan Jyoti Cluster

Locality: Udhamsingh Nagar, Uttarakhand, India


Handwoven Grass Products

The State of Uttarakhand specializes in the production of woolen, cotton, and silk handloom products. And handicrafts include products made from natural fibers that are grasses. With Inspiration from the beautiful nature, the people of Uttarakhand have created and nurtured various forms of arts and crafts for ages. Crafts usually include utility items like doors, windows, rugs, carpets, baskets and copper utensils.

Across, India hand woven grass products have been creatively used to document culture and traditions. The products mainly include home decor and Kitchenware like handbags, purses, tea coasters, baskets, trays, plates, paperweights, mats, hotpot, flower vase, fruit baskets, and so on.

The handmade process includes some simple techniques skilfully done by craftswomen.

Raw Materials:
Grasses named moonj, kans, punja, motha and panheria. Moonj grass is scientifically called as Saccharum munja Tools used are thick metallic needle called Suja. Raw color is used for dyeing.

Grasses as per the requirement are harvested, dried and stocked just after the rainy season so that it is available for the use of the entire year. Some of these grasses are then dyed using raw color. The color is added to the boiling water in an aluminum container. The grass is then added to this boiling water along with salts to fasten the colors. The grass is then dried under the sun for at least 2 days. It is then stocked by wrapping it in the cotton cloth. This prevents it from yellowing. When to be used these are dipped in the water while wrapping so as to make them flexible. The making starts with the making of a coil using stuffing and coiling. For instance moonj grass is used for wrapping around Kans which is used as stuffing. After the base is prepared by coiling, verticle walls are made using the same process. There are no specific designs on paper. Women take inspiration from nature and their traditions to deliver marvelous designs instantly in the form of beautiful handicrafts.

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