Brand: Khamir

Company: Khamir

Locality: Kukma, Kutch


Craft Work at Khamir

Khamir is promoting different craft work and artisans including handloom weaving, ajrakh hand block printing, leather craft, lacquer turned wood.

Lacquered wood art - Lac, famously known as a material taken from insect resin has been used since centuries to color Indian craft work. The process includes applying lacquered color on the wood on a turning lathe through the heat. The lacquered goods are created from the lacquer colors from the local market and stones obtained from forests.

Ajrakh Block Printing - Ajrakh is a subtle block printing artwork which came into existence back in the civilization of Indus Valley around 2500 BC- 1500 BC. Ajarak printing is a long procedure including numerous phases of printing and washing the texture again and again with different characteristic colors and mordants, for example, harda, lime, alizarin, indigo, and even camel fertilizer.

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