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Parbat Kanji Vankar

Parbat Kanji Vankar

Brand: Vankar Parbat Kanji

Company: Vankar Parbat Kanji

Locality: Sarli, Kutch, India


Hand Weaving

Hand Weaving keeps a history of more than 400-500 years. It is a textile producing method in which two distinct sets of yarns or threads are interwoven at right angles to form a fabric or cloth. This handicraft technique, is famous for its dhobla shawla. The different fabrics used for hand weaving are wool, silk wool, cotton, kala cotton, and many more.

The changing time has brought several changes in the old technique where the color, designs, materials all went under transition due to the changing fashion trends and demands. The monopoly design on Kutch hand weaving makes it different from the other weaving work.

Parbat Kanji Vankar 1
Parbat Kanji Vankar 2
Parbat Kanji Vankar 3
Parbat Kanji Vankar 4
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