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Shivji Bhuda Fofindi

Shivji Bhuda Fofindi

Brand: Sagar Ship Model

Company: Sagar Ship Model

Locality: Mandvi, Kutch


Boat model making

Shivji has a gallery of ships in Mandvi which consists of several small miniature ship models encased in glass cases. His dedication took his art to international platforms. His ship models were displayed in US, Japan, and West Asia and from the Indian naval establishment to Hotel Marine Plaza in Mumbai.

He has also displayed his artwork in Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya (museum) in Mumbai and in museums in Bhuj and Vadodara in Gujarat. He claims that his work includes the model of a famous gigantic ship of its time, Titanic that sank in the ocean. He had also crafted Vijli, a steamer that sank some 20 km off the Mangrol coast in 1888 carrying about 740 passengers on board.

Currently, he is busy teaching the art to his grandsons who are standing by his side to assist him with his work. Ten years ago, a training institute was established by Shivji in Mandvi where he used to train seafarers over three months about ship and engine breakdown repair work, navigation, handling cargo and even swimming in the high seas in case of emergency.

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