Brand: Shrujan

Company: Shrujan

Locality: Bhujodi, Kutch



Hand embroidery is an artwork being practiced by the women of Kutch and was used as a symbol of community identity for centuries. Shrujan being the first to find the potential of making this a way of earning gathered women from more than 10 different communities at a single place. The women are proficiently talented in their work where many of them know more than one style of embroidery.

Shrujan craftswomen can embroider in more than 50 different styles. The hard work and passion of women working in the creation make them and their work unique in the whole world. The expertise of years is visible in the work on the fabric. They use to decorate the fabric with beautiful designs crafted with thread and needles. The work includes the use of needles and threads on the fabric to deform or cut away to create holes that are then embellished with embroidery which is referred to as cutwork.

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