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Tejsi Dhana Vankar

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Brand: Tejsibhai Dhanabhai Harijan

Company: Tejsibhai Dhanabhai Harijan

Locality: Kukma, Kutch

Kharad Art

Kharad weaving is done with the sheared hairs of sheep, goats, and camels. Currently, this technique is being practiced by a few families only and Tejsi Dhana is one of them. It is an ancient technique which was at a verge of extinction and was adept by the tribals of Kutch. Weaving was a community act at that time where one tribe used to shear the sheep/goat/camel, another one spun the hair into yarn, the third used handloom to weave and another yielded pankar (wooden beater) to create the rug that always found moneyed supporters.

Kharad is a technique of weaving in which goat hair is hand spun with a specific method using a particular method. The knowledge is passed on through the generations along with the skills and the loom equipment used by the weavers. Kharad weavers have collaborated with Khamir who have helped them gain global buyers like Tikau, a Finland-based company, which combines Scandinavian design and Indian handicraft traditions with the vision of employing and empowering the artisans of rural India.

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