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Vankar Vishram Valji

Random Name

Brand: Vankar Vishram Valji

Company: Vankar Vishram Valji

Locality: Bhujodi, Kutch

Weaving Art Story

Handloom is an art of patience and precision. The work takes a lot of hard work to complete a single masterpiece. The Vankar Shamji and family is indulged into weaving and dyeing work and their efforts have led to great results. They spend hours, weeks or even months to complete their work with great precision and dedication.

They were established in 2011 and have become the leading merchant for woolen shawls, blankets, carpets with the best quality and services. ‘Vankars’ initially worked on barter system where they were dependent on Rabaris for woolen fleece from sheep and on Ahirs for cotton and in exchange weaved shawls or diablos for them.

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