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Traditional Chauka Bara Handcrafted Board Game by Tamaala

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Chauka Bara is a traditional Indian game in which two to four players race their respective coins on a board of 5×5 squares to reach the innermost square. The movement of coins is controlled by a throw of four cowrie shells which is explained in the game rules. Since each player has four coins, he can decide which coin to move. Since the movement of the coins spiral into the home, each player enters the next circle from next to their own home, taking risks & playing safe is all possible in this exciting game of strategy.
The player pawns are all lac turned and handcrafted using organic colors by the Channapatna crafts artisans.
Material: Lacquered wood
Handmade Process: Painting, Channapatna craft
Disclaimer: As the products are handmade there might be slight variations & imperfections in the colour, weave or designs. This provides uniqueness to every handmade product and shall not be considered as a damage.
In The Box: 15 inch mat, 16 pawns, 4 shells, Instruction leaflet
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