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Paheli Ramayana Theme Riddle Board Game by Maniams

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Paheli is a 2-4 player family game, India’s culture is among the world’s oldest cultures; about 4,500 years ago. India is a very diverse country, with different regions have their own distinct cultures. Indian culture has a rich heritage of signs and symbols. These symbols have deep meaning and have been part of our heritage over the ages. This game helps one understand these symbols such as, Why we wear a bindi? Why we worship tulasi? Why do women wear bangles? Why do we break a coconut? Why do we place betel leaves in festivals?

The theme of the game is based on the Ramayan, an epic that narrates the story of Rama, the seventh avatar of the Hindu God Vishnu. Sita has been kidnapped by Ravana!

Your task is to find and rescue her. But in order to do that, you must first find Rama, Lakshmana, and Hanuman before Ravana reveals his ten heads! Else, your rescue mission will be a failure. The first one to reach Sita wins! In order to find all these characters, players need to answer riddles related to Indian Culture, Festivals, Symbols, Gods & Goddesses.
This game would delve interest and curiosity in children to ask questions and develop creative thinking. So that the future generation of India is well aware of our wonderful culture.

Features: Age Group: 6+, Eco Friendly Packaging, Scanning Skills, Visual Perception, Fine Motor Skills, Motor Planning.
Material: Paper Board & Wood
Handmade Process: Handmade, Wooden work
Disclaimer: As the products are handmade there might be slight variations & imperfections in the colour, weave and designs. This provides uniqueness to every handmade product and shall not be considered as a damage.
In The Box: 4 wooden pawns/1 wooden dice/72 cards/40 pathway tiles
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